About Us 關於我們

Introduction 品牌簡介

Hei Yin Wong, an illustrator born and raised in Hong Kong, and later found her creative footing in Sydney, Australia. She loves children’s book illustrations and has developed a unique style that appeals to everyone.

Inspired by her surroundings and life experiences, Hei Yin creates art that not only captivates the eye but also speaks to the soul. She uses her art to raise awareness about mental health and the importance of enjoying nature. Through her brand, HeiyinHOHO, which features characters named HOHO and LAMHO, Hei Yin shows how companionship, whether with people, animals, or nature, can help us overcome different challenges.

During her time in Hong Kong, Hei Yin pursued a degree in Creative Media at City University, with a minor in Education from The Education University of Hong Kong. This educational background honed her skills and deepened her understanding of the connection between creative works and education. Through her art, Hei Yin aims to offer support and understanding to her audience.

插畫師黃希賢(Heiyin)畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學系,副修香港教育大學的教育系。她以現實生活為藍本,於2016年創作了呵呵與藍呵。藉作品鼓勵大眾接納真我,真誠表達自己的情感。希望大家從作品中得到支持和鼓勵,跟著他們開心地呵呵笑,學習彼此扶持,被照顧同時也成為別人的照顧者,將這份正能量分享出去。角色以笑聲為名,以及小孩子的形象,喻意我們心中的童真。生活漫畫刊載於 FacebookInstagram 專頁。

Media Coverage 媒體報導


14/12/2021 BetterMe Magazine 好集慣 (Hong Kong)
一間店,7 個店長,14 個主題書架

1/10/2021 U Magazine (Hong Kong)
期間限定 書店狂想曲

5/9/2021 Ming Pao 明報 (Hong Kong)
社會實驗:7個店長‧7種主題‧七份一書店 體驗「養住」書店這回事

5/9/2021 BetterMe Magazine 好集慣 (Hong Kong)

2/2/2021 AndThen.hk (Hong Kong)

20/1/2021 AndThen.hk (Hong Kong)


2/12/2020 AndThen.hk (Hong Kong)

5/11/2020 Christian Times 時代論壇 (Hong Kong)
以一針一線一筆一畫為港人加油 基督徒手工藝師的抗疫路

26/10/2020 Stand News 立場新聞 (Hong Kong)

15/9/2020 HSBC VisionGo 滙豐機滙 (Hong Kong)

11/9/2020 HK Good Post 好報 (Hong Kong)
Trial and Error Lab 實驗故事:用畫作陪伴香港人打逆境波

11/9/2020 Job Market (Hong Kong)
年輕插畫家 用畫作為港人打氣

18/7/2020 Stand News 立場新聞 (Hong Kong)

Photo by Andy Wong @ Trial and Error Lab

Past Collaborations 曾合作機構

HeiyinHOHO are not limited to graphic; they also create interactive media and digital works, such as digital wedding guest book and online coloring games. HeiyinHOHO is open to commission. Pervious commercial collaborations, including:

One Seventh Bookshops
Hong Kong, 2022
Design a publication about independent bookstores in Hong Kong.

Rolling Books and The Kowloon City Themed Walking Trail
Hong Kong, 2021
Conducted a series of guided tours and sketching workshops in Kowloon City.

Sham Shui Po District Council, Hong Lok Health Care and Working Group on Healthy and Safe Community
Hong Kong, 2021
Designed a mobile medical vehicle which used for conducting medical activities in Sham Shui Po and Kwai Tsing districts.

One Seventh Bookshops @ Tai Nan Street
Hong Kong, 2021
Conducted storytelling workshop and introduced self-published picture book, Pixie is coming.

Tai Po District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team, Hong Kong Children & Youth Services
Hong Kong, 2021
Shared the profession of illustrator and picture book author with young people.

One Seventh Bookshop @ Tung Nam Lou
Hong Kong, 2021
Promoted mental health through books, artworks, and workshops with one of the shop units, HOHO’s Healing Hearts.

One Seventh Bookshop @ Tung Nam Lou
Hong Kong, 2021
Designed grand opening postcards and posters.

Rolling Books and Project Shine, The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA)
Hong Kong, 2021
Curated an exhibition “Not OK? Um, OK!”, and created a painting “Light” in response to students who have suspended their studies due to emotional distress.

Rolling Books
Hong Kong, 2021
Designed a bookmark for the project, Cook. Book in Nam Chung

YW Baduk Education
Hong Kong, 2021
Designed a series of store display and publication for summer and new year courses

Yau Tsim Mong District Council
Hong Kong, 2020
Designed Christmas-themed letter paper for sending to inmates, which was distributed in councilors’ offices and restaurants in Yau Tsim Mong District.

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Kap Yan Directors’ College
Hong Kong, 2019
Conducted a series of career-sharing workshops for Form Five and Six students.

CROSS Centre, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Hong Kong, 2018
Designed a series of postcards which was distributed in the centres and schools under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

Hong Kong, 2017
Illustrated for a blog column Secret of HOHO and LAMHO.

呵呵與藍呵不限於圖文創作,也製作互動媒體,結合藝術創作和電子程式,如 電子簽名簿網上填色小遊戲。呵呵與藍呵歡迎不同的商業合作,曾合作單位包括:

2022 七份一書店

2021 Rolling Books x 九龍城主題步行徑

2021 深水埗區議會 x 康諾醫療 x 健康安全社區工作小組

2021 七份一書店@大南街

2021 香港青少年服務處 大埔外展

2021 七份一書店@東南樓

2021 七份一書店@東南樓

2021 Rolling Books x 香港小童群益會攜晴@社區

2021 Rolling Books

2021 Y. W. 韓國圍棋道場

2020 油尖旺區議會

2019 東華三院甲寅年總理中學

2018 東華三院 – 越峰成長中心
為東華三院 – 越峰成長中心設計心意卡。其心意卡於越峰成長中心及東華三院 旗下中學向學生派發。

2017 Giveco氹人專門店

Past Event Participation 曾參與活動

HeiyinHOHO was active at handmade design markets in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan in the early days, while primarily working in Australia currently.

In 2017, HeiyinHOHO designed products were featured in the “MADE IN Taiwan & Hong Kong” special section of Asia’s largest handcraft design shopping website, Creema. The same year, they participated in the Pinkoi Market held by the international design shopping website Pinkoi, as well as in The CRECRA Fair creative handcraft design exhibition.

In 2018, HeiyinHOHO participated in the popular Taiwanese handmade market, “So Good Market” and in 2019, they participated in the famous cultural and creative handmade market in Asia, Tap Siac Craft Market in Macau. They also participated in the Hong Kong Illustration and Creative Show in 2020. These events are major events in the Asian cultural and creative industries, attracting units from different regions such as Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, mainland China, and Hong Kong to participate.

Aside from handcraft markets, HeiyinHOHO also participates in cultural and creative activities organized by different organizations. From 2019 to 2020, they joined the breakthrough organization, Trial and Error Lab, as one of the Lab Fellows, and created their first picture book “Pixie is coming!”. The book was exhibited in the Breakthrough Bookstore, Trial and Error Lab, and Book Punch, a bookstore in Hong Kong, as well as participating in picture book storytelling workshops to share the creative ideas behind the book with readers. In 2021, HeiyinHOHO was invited by One Seventh Bookshops to become a member of its Tung Nam Lou branch, promoting mental health through books and artwork as the store owner, and their shop unit, “HOHO’s Healing Hearts”. Currently, HeiyinHOHO works in Sydney, Australia, continuing its development.


在 2017 年,其設計產品曾被刊載於亞洲最大的手作設計購物網站 Creema 公開的「MADE IN 台湾&香港の作品」特輯。同年參與由國際設計購物網站 Pinkoi 舉辦的 Pinkoi Market,以及參與 The CRECRA Fair 創意手作設計展。

呵呵與藍呵於2018年參與台灣人氣純手作市集 – 好好手感微笑市集,並於2019年參與亞洲地區著名文創手作市集 – 澳門塔石藝墟,2020年參與香港插畫及文創展。以上活動皆是亞洲文創界大型盛事,吸引來自不同地區,如日本、泰國、台灣、中國大陸、香港等地的單位爭相參與。

手作市集外,呵呵與藍呵亦參與由不同機構舉辦之文創活動。呵呵與藍呵於2019-2020年度進駐突破機構 Trial and Error Lab 成為實驗室伙伴 Lab Fellow。進駐期間創作首本繪本《小魔怪來襲!》,並於香港突破書廊、Trial and Error Lab、一拳書館展出,以及參與繪本讀書會,與讀者一同分享《小魔怪來襲!》的創作意念。於2021年呵呵與藍呵獲七份一書店邀請,成為東南樓分店的其中一員,以店主身位及其單位《呵呵癒心書架》用書本及藝術作品推廣心靈健康。現時呵呵與藍呵於澳洲悉尼工作,繼續其藝術發展。

Photo by Andy Wong @ Trial and Error Lab
Photo by Gi Lam @ Trial and Error Lab
Photo by Andy Wong @ Trial and Error Lab