Introduction 品牌簡介

Hei Yin Wong, an illustrator born and raised in Hong Kong, and later found her creative footing in Sydney, Australia. She loves children’s book illustrations and has developed a unique style that appeals to everyone.

Inspired by her surroundings and life experiences, Hei Yin creates art that not only captivates the eye but also speaks to the soul. She uses her art to raise awareness about mental health and the importance of enjoying nature. Through her brand, HeiyinHOHO, which features characters named HOHO and LAMHO, Hei Yin shows how companionship, whether with people, animals, or nature, can help us overcome different challenges.

During her time in Hong Kong, Hei Yin pursued a degree in Creative Media at City University, with a minor in Education from The Education University of Hong Kong. This educational background honed her skills and deepened her understanding of the connection between creative works and education. Through her art, Hei Yin aims to offer support and understanding to her audience.

插畫師黃希賢(Hei Yin)畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學系,副修香港教育大學的教育系。她以現實生活為藍本,於2016年創作了呵呵與藍呵。藉作品鼓勵大眾接納真我,真誠表達自己的情感。希望大家從作品中得到支持和鼓勵,跟著他們開心地呵呵笑,學習彼此扶持,被照顧同時,也成為別人的照顧者,將這份正能量分享出去。角色以笑聲為名,以及小孩子的形象,喻意我們心中的童真。生活漫畫刊載於 Facebook 及 Instagram 專頁。

Characters 角色簡介

A girl with two whiskers on her head, she can communicate with LAMHO through the whiskers. Her body is pink on normal days, but turns gray when disheartened. She is sensitive, easily influenced by her surroundings, and though slow in action and progress, she is diligent. She loves to eat, play, and is timid.


A boy with one whisker on his head, he is HOHO’s best friend. The whisker can be lighted up or sprinkled water, and can also be used to communicate with HOHO. He loves to tease HOHO and also supports her. Modeled after a lightbulb, he illuminates others and is a caregiver and companion, always take care (in Cantonese: light up) the others.


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